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    Although the law will usually require HHSC to release information collected about visitors to its website, HHSC does not automatically collect any personal information. For site management functions, information is collected for analysis and statistical purposes. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information. We use log analysis tools to create summary statistics, which are used for purposes such as assessing what information is of most interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas.

    The only personal information that HHSC obtains about website visitors is the information the visitors provide when they communicate with the agency through the website. State law makes your email address confidential in most circumstances. However, website visitors who wish to communicate with HHSC through the website should keep in mind that the law probably requires the agency to release most of the other information they provide if the information is requested.

    HHSC uses cookies for some activities, like searches and website analytics. However, no personally identifiable information is stored on either the visitor's or HHSC computers.

    HHSC contracts with a company called GovDelivery, Inc., to provide email updates. When you sign up for email updates, you are giving your information to both HHSC and to GovDelivery. When HHSC has your information, it is subject to this privacy policy. When GovDelivery has your information, it is subject to their privacy policy. Click here to go to the Pointcollar singlecuff cotton shirt CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Buy Cheap Big Sale Buy Cheap Best Seller 0bkzLKd

    Anyone may ask for any information about themselves collected by HHSC. The request should be put in writing and mailed, hand-delivered, faxed or emailed to HHSC. Consult the Public Information Policy and Procedures on this page for more details about how to ask HHSC for information.

    Individuals may also ask HHSC to correct information it collects about them. A request to correct information must be in writing and must:

    A request to correct information should be sent to the portion of HHSC with whom the subject of the information does business. Anyone who does not know where to send a request to correct information should call 2-1-1 or 877-541-7905 (toll-free). People who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired should call 7-1-1 or 800-735-2989 (toll-free).

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    | News Events | PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Department of State Acknowledges Gambia’s Commitment to Religious Freedom
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    As required by the U.S. Congress, the United States Department of State released the 2017 International Religious Freedom Report on May 29, acknowledging the commitment of the government of The Gambia towards religious freedom and tolerance. Selected excerpts of that report follow.

    In January 2017, President Adama Barrow announced the country’s return to a secular republic as prescribed in the constitution, overturning a decree by former President Yahya Jammeh that proclaimed the country an Islamic state. On several occasions, President Barrow stressed the need for continued religious freedom and tolerance, and in February 2017, he appointed a special advisor to the president for religious and traditional affairs. The President called for continued religious tolerance between Christians and Muslims in the region on various occasions, such as during a meeting with Archbishop Benjamin Ndiaye of Dakar in August 2017.

    President Barrow also linked religious freedom and tolerance to investor confidence. During official events and ceremonies, it was customary to begin with both Muslim and Christian prayers. In May 2017, Minister of Agriculture Omar Jallow spoke at the 41st Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (community) and promised full government protection of that community.

    The Gambian constitution provides for the freedom of religious choice, as long as doing so does not impinge on the rights of others or the national interest. It prohibits religious discrimination, establishment of a state religion, and formation of political parties based on religious affiliation.

    Interfaith marriage remained common and accepted. There were continued tensions between the majority Sunni Muslim community and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. The Supreme Islamic Council (SIC), a religious council tasked with providing Islamic religious guidance, continued to state that the Ahmadiyya community did not belong to Islam, and it did not include members of the community in its events and activities. Ahmadi Muslims stated they were part of Islam and thus should be fully integrated within the Muslim community. The government largely did not become involved in the disagreement between the two communities.

    At the embassy’s annual iftar in June, the Ambassador urged government officials and religious leaders to safeguard religious freedom and tolerance and to continue being open to different views and beliefs. The Ambassador encouraged Sunni and Ahmadi Muslims to practice restraint and tolerance and to allow one another to coexist in mutual respect and acceptance. Embassy officials met representatives of the Ahmadiyya community and the SIC on numerous occasions and expressed hope for continued peace and tolerance.

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    Updated at 11:00PM, July 13, 2018
    Road rage ends in serious crash

    PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- A road rage incident escalates and ends with a serious car crash and two drivers being sent to the hospital.

    Now, law enforcement is looking for a third driver, who might be the suspected “road rager."

    Lake County sheriff's deputies say an 18-year-old man told them he unintentionally “cut off” a car while pulling out of the parking lot at Pfabe’s Music onto Mentor Ave.

    The car then started following him and the driver, he describes as a “shorter and stocky” man, at one point got out of his car, and began shouting at the teenager.

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    The teen says he didn’t want a confrontation so he sped away and ran the stop sign at Stratford and Barrington Ridge, blindsiding a grandmother who was driving with her grandchildren in the back seat.

    “I’ve never been in an accident like that,” said the woman, who asked to only be identified as Judy. “I don’t even remember the airbag coming out; it was so fast and hard, and spun me around 180 degrees. I was facing the other way.”

    The teenager's silver Volkswagen Jetta was also totaled when it ricocheted into a utility pole.

    “He was going so fast,” said Judy.

    The teen immediately admitted that it “was all his fault,” and that “he ran the stop sign,” because he was being chased and thought he could get away.

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    A witness told investigators they “observed a dark blue vehicle and could hear a male shouting from the car” just after the accident.

    Investigators want to speak with alleged road rage driver and have released images of the car which is thought to be a dark blue or black Nissan Altima.

    Car believed to be involved in suspected road rage incident in Lake County.

    Both the teenager and Judy were rushed to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

    Fortunately, Judy's grandchildren were also not seriously hurt.

    She understands the teen might have been scared, but says,”It’s terrible. I feel like he should’ve still stopped; you can’t just run a stop sign. We’re all lucky, very, very lucky.”

    Law enforcement recommends victims of road rage or anyone who is being followed call 911 immediately and drive to a police department.

    Anyone with information about this case should contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 440-350-5520.

    41.724488 -81.245657
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